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IMG_0136The re-created battalion portrays the Fifth as it marched westward in the spring of 1778 to oppose Indians and Loyalists in Bedford and Northumberland Counties.  As shown, the men were mostly armed with muskets.  Lt. John Carothers wrote to President Thomas Wharton of the Supreme Executive Council on April 24, 1778:


“Col. Buchanan and Col. Brown marched off with a few men IMG_0614who could be got equipt.  I have applied to the Board of War for some ammunition, which I have sent up with 18 muskets, the property of the state, which with some arms General Roberdeau took up to those parts will, I expect, be sufficient to arm those classes.”

IMG_0137The clothing and accoutrements worn by the battalion reflect the diversity inherent in amilitia organization.  The unit uses concepts outlined in A Guide to Clothing and Accoutrements of Frontier Militia in the American Revolution  by Floyd Barman as far as types and variety of clothing and equipment in the field is concerned.  Because of geographic and demographic factors the Fifth Battalion would have taken the field with clothing and equipment perhaps more eastern in nature.